Who Cares?

Who Cares? You are not alone in asking this question. About 900 people type this question into Google (or some other search engine) per DAY. Whether it is out of desperation or some other more profound reason, they type it in. The question still remains. Who cares? Who actually cares, really?

Who Cares? Naturally Occuring Love: Toast with Heart.

Naturally Occuring Love: Toast with Heart.

I’m not going to treat the question lightly. I’m going to treat it quite profoundly, for that is where the real answer lies. The truth is, to begin with, YOU care. You care or you would not have typed the question. So, that’s good news to start with. Honestly, there are those who don’t particularly care. Wait. This is a lie. They DO care, but they are less in touch with it than they should be. They find comfort in pretending not to care because it either seems weak or pathetic to care. Again, they would not be acting like they didn’t care if they actually didn’t care. Everyone cares. We all care. We can’t help it. Why?

Because, deep down underneath all of our struggling personalities and egos, there is something more profound at work that binds us all together. In fact, that thing that binds us all together is very closely related to what it is that makes us care. To identify what that thing is, will require a bit of time.

Who Cares? How to Trust Caring

Wait. Is there any real value in digging deeper than we already have? We’ve got enough to move forward, haven’t we? We’ve made it clear who cares. We care. Everybody cares. Why take it further? Well, it depends on how much of this you believe that you’ve read so far, doesn’t it? It depends on to what degree you can sustain the sense of us all caring and what that might get you.

Let’s just assume for a moment that, as one who has typed in “Who Cares?” we really would like to establish the fact that some serious caring is going on. We’ve had some rough times and on the surface everyone appears to not care at all. People are mean. People are rough and tough. People are in too much of a hurry to show that they care at all. The truth is, people are scared. People have forgotten what it means to care and show you care. People believe that in order to succeed, they have to push harder rather than take a step back and ask what the point of all of this is.

In order to face this kind of ongoing fast-paced, crazy, insensitive nonsense that is so absolutely pervasive today is to do the work yourself of getting in touch with what matters most and what is actually going on at the root of this behavior. In order to sustain the understanding that we care and everyone else cares, we will have to look more deeply and underneath the surface to know that this caring we speak of is actually going on. That is why we must dig deeper and look at the principals involved in nature and all living beings. That is the only way to firmly and clearly see who cares, why they care and what caring actually is.

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Who Cares


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